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CREATIVE CUISINE Gluten Shreds (dried) Light 7 oz.


Product Description

This is one of our newest products. You will enjoy working with Creative Cuisine Gluten Flakes Dark because you will now be able to create recipes that have that real beef-like texture.

Creative Cuisine Gluten Shreds Dark & Light are:

  • Low In Fat
  • Low In Carbohydrates
  • Low In Sodium
  • All wheat product (no soy)
  • Awesome Meat like texture and mouth feel
  • Looks like real meat like shredded effect
  • Preservative Free
  • 100% All Natural

Creative Cuisine Gluten Shreds Dark & Light are unique in that resemble shredded meat more than any other product we have ever seen. You can use Gluten Shreds in any recipe calling for shredded meat (chicken - light, beef - dark). Great in soups, stews, like in burrito, sloppy joe, beef roast, making hamburger, jerky, lasagna, etc.

Shreds work well with any flavoring you choose. Creative Cuisine Gluten Shreds have a neutral flavor. They will work great with whatever flavor you add.

Shelf life: 2 years

Storage: Store in cool dry place

Ingredient: Textured Wheat Protein (no soy) (Dark has a caramel coloring)

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