About Us


Wholesome-Essentials dba Auburn ABC is an on-line store for  vegetarian and vegan food products.


We have a physical store located at No. 5100 on 32nd. St. S E in Auburn,  Washington. We also deliver to various  locations in Western Washington several times a year. Customers can also pick up at the store. Please contact our Washington store directly for local pricing, promotions and services.


Our Online Store offers ONLINE ONLY promotions. The prices posted online is only available to transactions made online. 

We carry a wide selection of products from manufacturers such as Loma Linda (formerly  Worthington Foods also), Cedar Lake, Heritage, Companion, Butler Foods, Sanitarium Cereal,  and others.


 Please give us a feedback as to how we may best meet your needs.


You can contact Customer Service at:  email@whlolesome-essentials.com 

or phone us at (909)255-9111.